Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Proposal for the Protest Objectives-

Author                        - Octavia Flanders-Smyth
Occupation                 - Student (Sustainability and Ethnic Convergence)
Supporting Group     - Shepton Mullet Workers Anarchist Party- Student Branch

From last weeks initial meeting minutes it is apparent that ‘We, of Occupy London, believe that all bankers are really, really naughty and that they should not do it again’ is not perceived as a strong objective for the Occupy London protest.

In addition, as discussed at last weeks Occupy London Steering committee (Strategy Division A) it was agreed that we, the protesters of Occupy London, are seen as fragmented with no clear view of our own objectives.

During my three weeks, working with Bid Down TV I learnt the full implications of poor messaging. With this knowledge I am in the unique position to understand the needs of the media and to provide them with the clear messaging they need.

As the Occupy protest is vehemently opposed to any persecution of minorities it is imperative that we ensure that any message excludes criticism of these groups. In addition we must ensure that we do not prejudice those who are weakened due to their carnivorous tendencies or financial abundances.

With these guidelines in place we can really progress the objectives in a way that the whole of the Occupy London community can agree to.

Firstly, we will need to eliminate ‘bankers’ from the objectives. Some bankers are very nice (I know quite a few of them, and they always buy me champagne whenever I see them) Also, some bankers are women and some are gay. Obviously, we cannot include these in any Occupy London objectives, as this would be persecution of a minority.

It would also be unfair to attack the politicians. There are only 650 and some of these will be eliminated after the next election. We must not attack this endangered species.

Another group to be avoided is the hedge fund managers, although none of us can describe their work, it is obviously of benefit to the green movement.

We must also discount the many corporations we commit commerce with, otherwise we could be accused of hypocrisy. Provisional List below:

Fast Food Outlets – Key suppliers of food to the protest
Oil Producers- We all need oil to drive home after our hectic day at the protest and for our parents to deliver food.
Supermarkets- . If we protest against these, the local metro shop will not sell us any more alcohol.
Drug Companies – ADHD is the major risk to civilisation, and without drugs nothing can stop the spread of this insidious foe.

Once we understand the exclusions the new objective for the Occupy London grouping becomes somewhat obvious.

Please stop it, *whoever has been naughty, and whatever it is you have done, as soon as you can.

*If you are part of an oppressed minority, you can carry on as long as you wish and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

As can be seen by all, this new objective is clear concise and remains true to all our aims.

I propose that we discuss this proposal at the next meeting of the Occupy London Steering Committee (Strategy Division A )

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  1. I do find it a little strange that the protesting groups ape the organisations that they are said to detest.